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Name:                                   Zomberella               


Age:                                      Early Twenties


Gender:                              Female


Family Status:                  University Student, studying design


Gamer Status:                Aspiring Gamer. Plays about 3-4 hours week, but mostly PC at first, but has moved up to PS3 as well.


Criteria Interests:      -Graphics and sound

                                                - Storyline

                                                 - Controls


Gamer Mantra:              “You got two choices, run or shoot them in the head!”


Top Game Aspects:    -Nice graphics and details

-Good storyline



-Not too complicated


Top Game Styles:      -Shooting zombies



-Mini games


Favorite Games:         -Super Smash Bros

-Tomb Raider

-Dead Raising


-Street Fighter


Favorite Series:           -The Sims

                                                - Caesar

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