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WWE All Stars

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Overall Appeal

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     -Over all with a great line up of fighters, sharp and unique graphics, and a few new modes. This is a fun game

     -But tough controls, long load times, and an online that is mediocre; make it is not a game to get excited for


Fun Factor

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     -This is a fun and stylish game that has all the basic elements you come to expect from a wrestling game and it is fun to play as your heroes and pull off their signature moves, but that fades and it is just an another wrestling game


Replay Value

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     -I didn’t feel it had a lot of replay, once I got to play as some of my heroes, the wonder of the game faded, with a luke warm online and challenging controls it doesn’t bring me back after you finish the Fantasy Warfare and Path of Champions



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     -At first I didn’t like the more cartoony versions of heroes from my younger years, but they grew on me and it really set this game apart from the other wrestling and fighting franchises





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     -I was disappointed with the online, it had all the basic elements, but it did not impress me



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     -In the Fantasy Warfare mode there are some great cut scenes that give an element of a story



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     -There are some great fighters here, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Big Boss Man, those guys take me back to my mullet days, ok, maybe that was only last week, but still they take me back, hey anyone remember the WWF cartoon?                    



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     -There is basic build your own superstar mode; it is more stripped down than the mode in the Smackdown vs Raw games    

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