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Test Drive Unlimited 2

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Overall Appeal

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     -This game was built with a lot of really great ideas in mind. There are some really impressive environments and some of the best free roam driving I have seen in a long time

     -However, with poor controls, many technical glitches, bad story and very little customization, Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a disappointment for racing fans


Fun Factor

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     -There is some fun to have with driving around the large islands and checking out the cool sites

     -However, a driving game with weak controls can only be so fun


Replay Value

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     -There is a lot of gameplay to this game, both online and offline so if you can get past the flaws and glitches you may hold onto this game

     -However, if you’re like me you may not enjoying playing it enough to want to finish it 



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     -The game looks great, the islands look impressive, the cars look sharp and the characters are decent

     -The driving camera views are unequal, inside the car looks a lot cheaper then 3rd person view 




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     -The online racing is pretty fun helping out people and cruising around with friends, showing off your ride

     -However, getting it to work online is not always easy and I found it frustrating when it wouldn’t, so it made me not want to race online         



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     -A really weak rags to riches story, racing games are know for weak storyline, but this game is worse then the norm



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     -Like the storyline the character is weak and easily forgettable, so let’s forget it                           



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     -This is more of a luxury car game then a tuner car game, but you can upgrade and buy homes and other feature

     -All and all Test Drive Unlimited 2 is customization weak, which is not good for a racing game

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