Spork of War


Name:                                       Spork of War


Age:                                   I’d tell you… but then I’d have to kill you


Family Status:                 Lives in a hut somewhere in the jungles of Costa Rica


Gamer Status:                 Turbo – plays WAY too much… after all what is there to do in the jungle, when you’re not trying to dodge flying monkey poo


Criteria Interests:           - Presentation and Graphics

                                               - Storyline

                                               - AI


Gamer Mantra:              " Bringing a Tank to a Knife fight since 1981"



Top Game Aspects:      - Outstandingly Detailed Graphic

                                               - Solid Story


Top Game Styles:          - Shooter

- Action/Adventure



Favorite Games:             - Halo 3

                                                - Mass Effect 2

                                                - World of Warcraft


Favorite Series:              - Halo

                                                - Mass Effect

                                                - Warcraft

                                                - Gears of War

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