Siren Logo    

Name:                                                    Siren


Age:                                    Late Teens

Gender:                          Female

Family Status:                  Lives with Host family on a Exchange Program


Gamer Status:                 Rookie. She started Playing Wii with her host

                                                family and has fallen in love with it.


Criteria Interests:          - Controls

                                                - Presentation and Graphics

                                                - Customization


Gamer Mantra:              “I like them Cute, Simple and Easy… I




Top Game Aspects:     -Easy games

-Not complicated controls




Top Game Styles:               -Mini Games





Favorite Games:           -Rayman and the Raving Rabbids TV Party

-Wii Play

-World of Goo



Favorite Series:                  -Sims

-Rayman and the Raving Rabbids

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