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3rd Person Shooter
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Strong Language

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Overall Appeal

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     -This game really has a lot to offer, tons of really fun game modes, great characters, solid graphics, excellent online play, and to top it off it is a ton of fun

     -It could have used some more movement freedom in the campaign, some deeper customization and the online co-operative would have been more fun if you could have had the option to play it split screen as well    


Fun Factor

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     -The shooting is this game is really satisfying the ‘bullet hitting a melon sound” of heads when you get a head shot is just a wonderful

     -All the game modes are engaging and worth playing, I think though if you have some buddies to play with online you will probably like the co-operative multiplayer mode the best, because this is the kind of game where controlling a team is fun, but playing as it team is better


Replay Value

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     -With all the different game mode this game is really worth holding on to. The campaign is not super long but going back and replaying them adds a lot and I really enjoyed the online so you will definitely get your money’s worth out of this game   



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     -For the most part it is a really nice looking game, there is a lot of detail in the graphics, although some parts look much better than others

     -The presentation of the game is very good too it has a really nice feel to it and it sucks you in





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     -The online is what sold me on this game, I wasn’t excited about this game until I played the beta, and then I really wanted to play it. There are different game modes in the competitive and a lot of fun to be had in the co-operative

     -We were trying to decide if the co-operative was a big enough part of the game to warrants a co-op review and it was a hard decision because it offers a nice size chunk     of the game and is a lot of fun, but it isn’t playable local split screen and is not unique enough to be reviewed on its own, but still it is really fun  



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     -A pretty typical shooter story, bad guys take over, you are left to save the day, against all odds, maybe a little double cross, you know the norm     



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     -The Ops Commander is a real jerk, he is a kind of damaged hero, which would seem weird for a main character to be that dislikeable, but you also play as 45 a Korean solider who’s unit is mostly killed and she and another join the Commander and his team. She is a great character, who you play stealth missions as, and she takes the brunt of the Commanders "douche bag-ary"

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