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GameScales Head Reviewer

A expert in all things blow-up-able a experienced shooter fan who has been known to hack and slash-it-up a bit. His reviews are direct and to the point, most gamers Hardcore to Casual can relate well to his reviews.


GameScales Reviewer Team Leader

A RPG fan at heart, Czar has been Baptized by fire to the shooter world and has come out on top, usually standing on top on Ronin. In his reviews he does not mince words or hold back, Major Gamers and Big Nerds will find his reviews very informative and humorous, normally at Ronin's expense.


Craven is gamer who picked up his controller for the first time in adulthood, Sense then he has never put it down. He is making up for lost time and gets hazes pretty bad by the rest of the team, but he taking it in stride. His reviews are well worded and thorough, Hobby Gamers to Advanced Gamers will get the most out of his reviews.

Crash is all about cars, bikes and anything else that will go fast. He has been gaming for a long time but his tastes have only recently expanded. Car games were all he new until recently and he is get caught up really fast. His reviews are less in-depth, but he hits all the points well. His reviews are mostly enjoyed by Hobby Gamers
Siren is a teenage gamer of the girl variety. She is not one of those "make the boys cry" girl gamer, she is more an 'enjoy fun and cute games with a friend' kind of gamer. Her reviews are short and simple, they are geared toward mostly Hobby Gamers and Noobs looking for game basics.
Skel-A-King is a hormone driven shooter fans, like most teenage boys. He plays more games then he should (according to his Mom). His review are short and to the point, however, not very deep. He just gets to the basics and then back to gaming. His reviews are better read by Hobby Gamers and Non gamers buying presents for Major Gamers.
KickFlip is your typical pre-teen who loves gaming and hates girls. He writes most of his reviews with help from Ronin, but his opinions are his own. He has been gaming more and more and will be a hardcore gamer before he hits high school (unless his opinion of girls change). His reviews are more geared toward other pre-teens and parents of pre-teens who are looking for appropriate games.
BINGO is what happens when you give most gamers a soapbox to give his opinion. He balances the gamer life with the parenthood life so this is his chance to vent. His reviews are most enjoyed by Major Gamers and anyone who likes a good laugh.

Zomberalla is a Zombie Killing Freak! She loves anything in the horror genre and the bloodier the better. She is a Major Gamer in denial, but the team is working on her. Her reviews are short and simple, she notices mostly the big things, but really only cares about blowing head off. Her reviews are mostly enjoyed by Hobby Gamers.

Spork of War

Spork of War is that weird guy who sits next to you on the bus, you’re not sure if he is crazy or brilliant. He is a Hardcore Gamer that likes to vent in the most public way possible. His review s are long and very humorous, his reviews are mostly geared toward Major Gamers and other potential psychopaths.

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