Name:                                          KickFlip     


Age:                                    Late Childhood  


Family Status:                  Lives at home with his Mom


Gamer Status:                 Rookie He is just out of the single digits, but has really gotten into gaming in the past few years


Criteria Interests:           - Sound effects

                                                - Fun factor

                                                - Controls

                                                - Customization


Gamer Mantra:              “If It moves I can show off with it!”


Top Game Aspects:      - Driving

-Character Customization


-Anything with Police Cars


Top Game Styles:           - Driving



-Action adventure


Favorite Games:             - Mario Kart Wii

-Lego Batman

-Midnight Club 3

-Asphalt Urban Gt



Favorite Series:               - Lego

-Mario Kart

-Tony Hawk



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