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Xbox 360
3rd Person Shooter
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Blood and Gore
Intense Violence
Strong Language

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Gears of War 3

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Co-op Details

    -Local Co-op (2 players)

     -Online Co-op (up to 5 players)

     -Online split screen Co-op


Overall Quality

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     -Gears of War 3 is what co-op games should strive for. It has so many elements that all co-op shooter fans need to play this game


Fun Factor

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     -Fun, Fun, Fun!

     -We really got into the campaign of this game, far more than either Gears of War or Gears of War 2, probably because of the deeper story, but also this game is a lot more fun because the kills are more satisfying

     -Horde Mode sets the new standard for survival modes


Gameplay Screenshot

Team Work

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     -The campaign has basic elements like opening doors, reviving teammates, all the normal stuff

     -Horde and Beast modes require a lot of teamwork in order to create carnage and to survive


Quality of Co-op

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     -All the Gears of War games are all about co-op, but Gears of War 3 takes co-op to new heights. It offers every aspect of an outstanding game co-op (both locally and online) and creates an explosive and blood thirsty game play experience. Now that is quality!


Replay Value

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     -The campaign is kind of a one shot deal, if would be more fun to play again if the rest of the game didn’t have you drooling over it.

     -The multiplayer is worth putting sometime into; Epic spent a lot of time fixing a lot of the old bugs and issue so it is polished from the first day

     -Beast Mode is different and fun, for a little while but it is really not worth too much of your valuable time

     -Horde Mode, now this was the bulk how we spend October 2011. The money component adds so much to the game, and once you die you can restart and last level is a simple thing that kept the game going for hours and hours

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