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Approximate Age:                 Late 20s


Family Status:                  Married


Gamer Status:                               Hardcore. Hi my name is Czar and I'm a Gameaholic. Usually play about 5-6h/day console and computer gaming. Recently got hooked on shooter games (All Ronin's fault) and have been expanding my repertoire since.

 Gamer Mantra:              "Those guys were the suckiest                                           bunch of sucks who ever                                           sucked"

Game Style interests:       Single Player


 -1 Role Playing Games (RPG


                                                -2 Tactical RPG


                                                -3 3rd Person Shooters


                                                -4 Hack and Slash/Adventure


                                                -5 Action Adventure


                                                -6 Racing


                                                -7 Military Shooter


                                                -8 1st Person Shooters 




                                                            -1 3rd person shooter


                                                -2 Military shooter


                                                -3 Mini games


                                                -4 Platformer       


Top Game Aspects: (solo)


                                                            -1 Character Customization


                                                -2 Storyline


                                                -3 Game Length


                                                -4 Replay Value


                                                -5 Camera/View


                                                -6 Options of side quests


                                                -7 Presentation


                                                -8 Humour


Least important Game Aspects:(solo)


                                                            -1 Graphics


                                                -2 Realism


Favorite Series:         -1 Final Fantasy


                                                -2 Warcraft


                                                -3 Star Ocean


                                                -4 Suikoden


                                                -5 Elder Scrolls


Favorite Games:        -1 Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1 or PsP)


                                                -2 Suikoden 2 (PS1)


                                                -3 Final Fantasy 3 (SNES)


                                                -4 Final Fantasy 7 (PS1)


                                                -5 World of Warcraft (PC)


                                                -6 Mass Effect (Xbox 360)


                                                -7 Warsong (Gen)


                                                -8 Phantasy Star 4 (Gen)


                                                -9 Star Ocean 2 (PS1 or PsP)


                                                -10 Shining Force (Gen)

Special thanks to Jonathan E. Wright - Czar logo concept artist - check out his website.

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