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Batman: Arkham Asylum

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Overall Appeal

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     -Batman. Need I say anything else? I’m sure at some point, most little boys have wanted to be Batman; perhaps even little girls. He has all the gadgets, cars, boats, planes, cash and semi-good one liners that keep everyone coming back for more. That being said, when I first saw the Batman box, with Batman standing on the cover, looking straight at me with his crazy eyes, it didn’t strike me as a game I wanted to unfortunately, I said poo poo to you Batman.

     - My friend brought me around when he started raving about this incredible game called Batman. Still sceptical, I went out and rented the Batman game. Holy crap! It is a Batman game! You have his gadgets, his moves, his crazy one liners and his ability to know about everything science without looking it up!

     -You have the ability to use the grappling hook (except on some objects that are too cool for grappling hooks), you have the batarang, some sort of freezing thing, and bat vision, that allows you to see through everything. This vision is unlimited too! So you can go through the entire game, looking for the clues and everyone will look like a skeleton. But at some point I did feel bad for using it all the time and not looking at what the people really looked. like.


Fun Factor

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     -Jumping to and from baddies, while kicking ass as batman, who doesn’t want to do that?

     -The Riddler, who loves to torment you throughout the entire game, has set up riddles. So you have to find them. Sometimes it does get irritating.

     -There are a lot of challenges,that you can do in order to compete against your friends online.

     -last sentence, it’s freakin Batman. It’s fun!


Replay Value

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     -Although, playing the game once is a lot of fun, and finding the achievements for the Riddler is cool too. Unfortunately, that’s as far as it gets. I don’t see myself playing this game again. I do look forward to the next instalment, because it promises to do so. So I would say this is a one play through option.



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     -Excellent graphics, great presentation of all the characters; Especially, the sequences where scarecrow tries to mess with your head. But I did feel like a jerk for the people who worked hard on the graphics were gypped because I mostly used the night vision goggles to look for the Riddlers clues.

     -The series of different places on Arkham that you visit are incredible too.



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     -There is the ability to go head to head with all the people who have played this game. Unfortunately, it’s kind of like the facebook challenges. Where some guy from the mother land has made this incredibly high score, that you’d have to play the game for billions upon billions of hours in order to achieve such a high rank. I say boo, to him, I have better things to do. Like eat tacos, and drink Pepsi...oh yes, and to go outside and relax with family. Sorry, little 12 year old kid from Russia, didn’t mean it.



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     -Excellent story.

     -Get this, you’re Batman who just brought the Joker in, who apparently surrendered. This time he came without a fight, so Batman, the ultimate detective knows that something is up. He follows Joker into the bowels of Arkham, and you meet all the people who will be messing with your head throughout the game; including Killer Croc. They hype this epic fight, then once you finally see him, all you have to do is walk quietly, and once he does pop up, you throw a batarang into his face and he goes away. It’s like going to a star wars movie, and watching them go through hours of senate debate...episode 2 anyone?

     -Anyway, it’s a good story, full of great writing...ha ha ha, just kidding. If you like clichés of “It’s over” followed by “It’s just begun” is awesome. Of course, at the end of the game, everything is returned to the status quo.

     -Oh yes, and Batman has conveniently built a batcave on Arkham. What a genius!     



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     -He’s Batman, a guy who is the envy of everyone.



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     -You can’t really customize too much, but you can upgrade random gadgets in your arsenal.



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     -This is a 3rd person view, where you can see all 360 degrees of Batman action.



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     -Let’s get something straight here, every game that I have played, moving the control in the full motion forward, makes you run, moving it halfway, makes you walk. Not in no no, you move the stick full forward, and Batman walks around like a pompous ass. Other than that, everything made sense. It was easy to use. Stealth smack downs worked, while the partners of the guy you just took down, get all paranoid. I kind of smirked while they all cried out, “what are we going to do?” As I dove down and smacked another of their friends.


Game Mode

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     -You can visit anywhere in Arkham that has been unlocked. You can go pretty much anywhere that you see. So I wandered around a lot, looking for the Riddlers stupid clues, because he said I was stupid. I had to prove the game wrong. Turns out, I have a one track mind, so when the clue “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dum saw it, do you see it?” rears its ugly’s a see saw. Blasted me again.


Gameplay Options

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     -There is so much to find in this game. I didn’t find all of them because I do have a job that I have to go to. You have to find all the data discs, the trophies, all the solutions to the problems.


Progression of Difficulty

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     -The game does get progressively harder once you get going. When people have guns, you do not want to go toe to toe with anyone. That is where the stealth comes in real handy. The baddies have some pretty tough weapons, so your abilities must be upgraded in order fight the baddies more efficiently.


Minor Details

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     -Menus worked well. The analog stick walking, and strutting was annoying, but that’s about it.  



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     -Sounded good to me.

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