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Name:                                         Bingo


Age:                                    High twenties


Family Status:                 Married with Kids (which is hard to believe)


Gamer Status:                 Intermediate: Plays 1-3 hours/day


Criteria Interests:       - Presentation and Graphics

                                                - Storyline

                                                - Camera/View


Gamer Mantra:             " Revenge is a 50 Cal sniper rifle from point blank, and then, do it again."


Top Game Aspects:    - Outstandingly Detailed Graphic

                                                - First Person View


Top Game Styles:        - Shooter

- Action/Adventure


Favorite Games:         - Halo 3

                                                - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

                                                - Assassin’s Creed 2

                                                - Star Wars the Force Unleashed


Favorite Series:           - Halo

                                                - Gears of War

                                                - GTA

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