GameScales is a community of gamers spanning across North America. We have come together to make the gaming world more assessable and friendly to everyone. Our community is made up of gamers of varying interest, age, and gamer level. Our goal is to not only reach gamers, but also their families and friends to expand the world of gaming to everyone.


Started as a way to make game review easier to read and understand so they do not drown in pages of text. GameScales offer the largest criteria scales on the Web. We break down games into their components and judge them as such. Our overall average, is just that an average, we encourage our users to find what aspect of games that they find important and to use the information we provide to help them decide if a game is right for them.



We also provide practical information on topics like System Comparison, Gaming Terminology and General Gaming Advice. If you have any questions, concerns or information you would like to add please feel free to send it to us at




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